Implementing the Parity Promise: An Evaluation of the Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Program

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Environmental Law

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Env't L.


This article, the third in a trilogy of articles on the evolution of Columbia Basin Fish, following articles in 11 Envtl. L. 497 (1981),, and 13 Envtl, L. 103 (1982),, evaluates the program promulgated by the Northwest Power Planning and Conservation Council promulgated in 1982 to fulfill the Northwest Power Act of 1980's promise of parity between federal hydroelectric operations in the Columbia Basin and the fish and wildlife those dams produced. The article describes innovative program provisions ordering changes in water project operations, a preference for wild stock and natural habitat restoration, and new protective conditions for new hydroelectric projects must mean. Other provisions, like approval of artificial transport of Snake River salmon, had questionable legal validity, and many other provisions were merely promises to study issues. The article included some suggested amendments to improve the 1982 program.

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