Animal Law Review

About This Journal

Animal Law Review (Animal Law) is a student-run law review at Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon. The review's objective is to educate readers about all sides of current animal-related legal issues.

Animal Law is published bi-annually. Each volume includes two issues: a Fall/Winter issue (published in December), and a Spring/Summer issue (published in May).

Animal Law was created by the same group of innovative and far sighted Lewis & Clark law students who founded the very first chapter of the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund in 1992. They were convinced that the field of animal law was a growing and viable field of practice of national significance. Contributions over the years from legal scholars such as Harvard's Laurence H. Tribe and Cass R. Sunstein as well as from internationally recognized experts such as Jane Goodall have proven them correct.

Today animal Law is a flourishing and respected "mainstream" field of legal expertise. Not only are there a growing number of lawyers with thriving practices based on this area of law but there are also a growing number of State Bar Associations that have sections devoted to this important area of legal expertise!