Animal Law Review

Cover of Animal Law Review Volume 10, Issue 1, 2004


Editor in Chief
Holly Anne Gibbons
Managing Editor
Allen C. Chan
Legislative Review Editor
Emilie D. Clermont
Articles Editors
Leah E. Koss
Andrew N. Moore
Form and Style Editors
Stephanie J. Engelsman
Dara L. Polk
Business Editor
Matthew J. Yium
Associate Editors
Sylvia R. Albright
Anthony R. Azadeh
Peter A. Brandt
Julie S.E. Penry
Kelly A. Fisher
Jay K. Griffith
Andrea N. Gyer
Joshua D. Hodes
Trisha D. Hole
Elizabeth J. Kellogg
Monica C. Kinney
Elizabeth S. Pifke
Olivia S. Willis