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Within South Korea, the dog meat trade occupies a liminal le­gal space-neither explicitly condoned, nor technically prohib­ited. As a result of existing in this legal gray area, all facets of the dog meat trade within South Korea-from dog farms, to transport, to slaughter, to consumption-are poorly regulated and often obfuscated from review. In the South Korean context, the dog meat trade itself not only terminally impacts millions of canine lives each year, but resonates in a larger national con­text: raising environmental concerns, and standing as a proxy for cultural and political change. Part II of this Article describes the nature of the dog meat trade as it operates within South Korea; Part III examines how South Korean law relates to the dog meat trade; Part IV explores potentially fruitful challenges to the dog meat trade under South Korean law; similarly, Part V discusses growing social pressure being deployed against the dog meat trade.



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