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The author reflects on her experiences in the field of animal law. A recurring theme throughout the Article is that the author’s struggle to see herself being part of the animal law at all. This is because mainstream animal law writing has tended to take a liberal legal approach, while the author has focused her work around concepts of intersectionality, feminist, and postcolonial theory in a field she has self-described as “Philosophy, Critical Theory, and Animal Ethics.” Consistent with her intersectional approach, the author highlights how her experience being Canadian, being female, and being ‘radicalized’ have all intersected to shape her experiences and perceptions working in animal law. Her conclusion is that, fundamentally, the animal law movement is a women’s movement, given it is women who predominate in the membership and, as such, the success and future of animal law “depend on whether women’s voices on behalf of animals will be listened to and respected.”

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